What tachyons can do for you

Effects and Results

The expected effects of your intention combined with the qualities of the tachyon field will be, at the moment, a greater presence to yourself and a sense of balance of polarities.
As the connection with the tachyon develops, clear intuitions and information will come through to support you in expanding your personal field.

Be patient and curious!

Take the time to establish a true complicity with the object.
By doing this, you will be able to embark on a path of conscious healing in the area you choose to explore, as the Terra Tachyon object will provide you with clear, supportive energy.

What can happen

Actually, and in all honesty, we don’t know. No one does.

Because of the unique combination of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual field at any given moment and the energy of the tachyon field carried by the object, we can expect a vast range of results.
The clarity and intensity of the effects vary over time.

NOTE: the absence of sensations does not mean that nothing happens. The action of tachyons operates at a subatomic level that is not always directly and immediately perceptible.

On the physical level

Tingling, heat, cold, tickling, sensation of expansion in the chest or belly, sensation of densification of a part of the body. Relief or disappearance of physical pains.

On the emotional and/or mental level

Emerging emotions, insights, clarity and focus. Feeling of direction and purpose, mental strength. Awareness.

On a spiritual level

❣️ Feeling of connection, of belonging to a greater Whole.

❣️ Expanded states of consciousness.

❣️ Momentary erasure of time and space.

❣️ Intuitions.

After continuous work with your Tachyon object, you can observe synchronicities, modification in your relationships, change in your attitude towards life events. Calm and confidence.

With time, you’ll notice a real, in-depth transformation of your personality, as you let go of your fears and limitations, leaving more and more room for the expression of the Being you are.

Extract from the book “Terra Tachyon, intelligent and sensitive energy in your life”. (In English at Vesica Piscis Publishing House)

“If we did more research on non-visible light
certain processes of understanding would be accelerated.
What is important is that tachyons take a certain form in our solar system and are completely different in another system or universe.

Tachyons have consciousness, as do all units of matter,
but this consciousness is, for you, neither measurable nor comprehensible.
You still compare consciousness with the brain and the nerve endings.
Tachyons are everywhere and because of their speed,
they can quickly change places.
They react intensely to their environment and to the needs of those who work with them. The simple desire for tachyons can provoke an appearance and accumulation of tachyons. But they also disappear quickly.
We can compare them to ideas. They move at the speed
of ideas and thoughts, which is why they outperform physical
methods of measurement.

Tachyons are not a theory.
They are the reflection of the One,
of the Origin,
of the many paths.”


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