Have you heard of the centrifugal and centripetal forces?
Maybe not … But there is no doubt you have experienced them.

When driving in a sharp turn, the centrifugal force forces your body to lean out of the curve. Or when you are on a merry-go-round moving very fast, you feel that your body might be thrown out of the seat … that’s why we have seat belts and crash bars.
The centripetal force, on the contrary, is the force that brings a rotating object back to the center of the circle.

Transposing these concepts into the realm of personal growth provides some really interesting insights. Most of us will agree that the purpose of life is to fully express the Being that we are in essence and that to know oneself is actually the only way to find happiness.

So, when people begin to awaken and seek to understand the world, they start a centrifugal rotation, moving away from their center – which they do not know yet – and they engage in a circular movement to search outside of themselves for all kind of information and belief systems. They read books, go to lectures, take courses or seminars in the ever-renewed hope that they will finally find the teacher, the method, the theory or the school of thought that will give them all the answers to find peace and happiness. After some time – which can last for years, maybe lifetimes – those people end up exhausted and dissatisfied because they cannot find meaning there. On the contrary, they still feel overwhelmed by unresolved life problems and persistent relationships issues. That is usually when they reach a turning point . There is a stop. And in that moment of stillness, the current reverses itself and the centripetal force takes over. They return towards their own center.

This center, which first appears as a point, grows, expands and becomes a whole universe. The essence of each person reveals itself. The perspective changes and the real search begins. The emotions gradually calm down as does the mind. Life becomes more fluid. Moments of happiness are more frequent, usually found in the simple things in life and not in the accumulation of external goods.

Here are the two main elements to remember:
– The centripetal force always prevails since the centrifugal effect is only a resistance to the directional change imposed by the centripetal force.
– It is because we have experienced the centrifugal force that took us away from our center, that we can fully and intentionally return to it.

The tachyons move in circles and spirals. Spiral movements commonly occur when working with Terra Tachyon materials. Every time we use a small or large donut, with the spirals inwards, that is, directed towards the physical body, we are invited to collaborate with the centripetal energy movement. We promote internalization and the search for one’s own center.
As always, this energetic experience is enhanced when we add pure intention to it.

Big changes are coming for our planet.

Do not be distracted by the external.

Enjoy the journey !

Terra Tachyon team