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Declaration of intent

Our intention in manufacturing, promoting and distributing Terra Tachyon objects is to make accessible a tool for evolution at the service of life.

The trend in Western society is to emphasize the need to use technology to make our daily lives easier and to compensate for our imperfections. If correctly employed, technology relieves us of the hardest or most repetitive work and brings us comfort, this position is nevertheless supported by the paradigm stipulating that the human being is weak and fallible. The human body and mind are doomed to deteriorate, and machines, synthetics, and artificial intelligence are needed to compensate.

At Terra Tachyon, we disagree with this mechanical and materialistic vision of life.

By virtue of their divine essence, human beings are perfect. Within him lie unsuspected potentials for creativity, perfect health, and immortality.
Our development of Terra Tachyon objects is based on the knowledge of the ancient schools of wisdom and on quantum technology, which creates high-density information fields that enable a field of tachyon particles to be made available, thus increasing the user’s consciousness for the greater good. Our concept of healing, whether on a physical, mental, relational, emotional or spiritual level, is based on ending the perception of separation from our own deepest nature.

Our concern is to inform, teach and educate so that every Terra Tachyon object is used to reveal the magnificence of the human being on Earth.

We encourage our customers, distributors and friends to aim for the full realization of their potential.
The solution is already within us.

Advice on use
When you use a Terra Tachyon object, you are part of the process.
Although the tachyon field is extremely powerful, it will not activate or act in your direction on its own.
By its very nature, the tachyon field associated with the object will react to your intention and attention.
The Terra Tachyon object is an anchor for change or the creation of your reality.
Since the dawn of time, traditions have told us that such objects must be invested with the user’s attention. Activating an intention means not only knowing what you want to obtain or achieve but also deciding to do it and fully accepting the process that is about to present itself to you.

Be calm and centered when formulating your intention.

Use your thoughts, your imagination, your intuition, and your feelings, to activate the desired energy.

It’s a dynamic process!

The expected effects of your intention combined with the qualities of the tachyon field will be, at the moment, greater presence and a feeling of balancing polarities.

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to begin a conscious healing path in the area you choose to explore, as the Terra Tachyon object will provide you with clear, sustained energy.

To find out more about Terra Tachyon products, and the meaning and use of shapes and colors, visit www.terratachyon.com.

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