When our attention is regularly focused on what we lack, especially when we feel powerless to change the situation, our energy level drops and we contract consciousness into survival mode.

Practicing gratitude as a daily routine is profoundly transformative and soothing.
Looking around us, we find a thousand and one reasons to feel gratitude. Thanking Heaven, Life or God – depending on one’s beliefs – brings us back to a truer perspective of the reality of which we are the center, and connects us with a sense of abundance and fulfillment.

Life is lighter, consciousness is freer, joy caresses our hearts.

Take 10 minutes each day to give thanks. Sit in a quiet, peaceful place.
Take several deep breaths.
Look around you and give thanks for what surrounds you, either aloud or silently.
Then think about what’s present in your life and give thanks for it.

Life and Nature give freely without expectation of return.

Here are some suggestions. It’s up to you to adapt them to your own preferences. *

Thank you for existing, for being able to breathe and live, for being a spark of life and for still having a day ahead of me.
Thank you for being able to enjoy my five senses, to be able to look at the beauties of nature, the works of great painters, the smiles of people. Thank you for being able to smell food and the best perfumes;
Thank you for being able to touch and be touched by the sun, the wind, another person; for being able to taste food;
Thank you for being able to hear the music I like, the voices of the people I love, the sound of the river, the wind.
Thank you for my health, for having limbs to walk on, to kiss.
Thank you for every person in my life whose presence is a true blessing.
Thank you for the comfort in which I live every day, my home.
Thank you for the environment that surrounds me, the happiness of having access to nature.
Thank you for the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired.
Etc …

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Enjoy this feeling of connection for a moment. And smile…

To accompany you, you can choose a Terra Tachyon heart in the color of your choice.

Great experiences!

* Thanks to Marc Vachon for the inspiration


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