A short story of a great cure

The Accident
On January 30, I fell trying to dodge a patch of ice on the path leading to my neighbor friend’s house. My left foot got stuck on the ground, I lost my balance and my whole body slumped to the right. I heard a terrible noise, like when a cloth is torn, and I was immediately overcome by an intense pain that left me breathless.
I was alone and it took me a couple of minutes to breathe and calm down.
Patou, my friend’s dog, was running back and forth between me on the floor and the house, barking like crazy. He’d come barking at full speed toward me, slide across the ice, lick my face, and run off again.
I got down on all fours as best I could. My ankle was badly bruised. Immediately, I thought of all the things I would not be able to do: the walk by the lake, driving….
Alerted by the dog’s barking, my friend came out to help me.
She iced my ankle and sprayed me with a wound spray.
I immediately got a “pigeon egg”, a lump on the ankle bone, typical of a sprain in that area. awesome! (I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t think of that!).
We called Robert and he came to pick me up. I went home helped by 3 people (2 to hold me up to the car and one who carried all my stuff and the shoe that had been rendered useless. )

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It was the beginning of a long physical, psychological and spiritual process.

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When I got home my ankle had double the volume. I wondered if something was logically broken because the twisting was really intense.
I stopped to think and feel inside me what was coming up.
Options: I can go to the emergency room, wait five or six hours before a doctor sees me and get an x-ray.
If it is broken, I will have a cast for 4 or 5 weeks and then it will be complicated because there will be all the recovery of the joint, of the muscles immobilized and in total there will be at least 2 months of discomfort.
If it is not broken, the doctor will send me home with anti-inflammatories and painkillers that will destroy my stomach.
So I decided not to go.
I listened to my intuition and decided to use my body’s wisdom and natural methods as I usually do for anything that happens to me. The advantage is that in addition to the natural methods I have the tachyones! And they are going to accompany me to recover physically and more.
The beginnings:
I remembered that 5 years ago I treated a mild case of wrist sprain with castor oil and turmeric. In one night everything was gone: the pain, the swelling – a miracle!
So I tried the same for my ankle.
It did not work at all.
I felt miserable, helpless and totally victimized.
I realized that I had to go to the heart of the matter and not limit myself to the physical aspect.
I had to accept to go through the psychological process and understand the meaning of the event. To say “yes” to what happened.
Week 1
First of all, I had to listen to what my ankle wanted:
cold, but not too cold, rest and space.
That’s easy.
With a sapphire colored tachyon attached.
That was all I did for 2 or 3 days.
In the meantime, on a practical level, I rented some crutches from the pharmacy and walked with only one shoe. Whenever I felt resistance to the situation, I stopped and took a deep breath.
Going out in the sun to walk : forbidden. What a rage!
I began to ask myself ” But what is positive in this situation ? ”
My partner accompanied me from the beginning. He asked me what I needed, brought me the things I wanted, did my meals and laundry, and helped me climb the stairs to our room.
Week 2
The house is a mess. I can’t go out. I am still spoiled and helpless.
So much attention and so much care! Have I ever been treated like this?
I’m usually the one who takes care of others.
Ah Ah. Interesting to experience the other side of creation.
But not so much…
At one point, my partner did not react to my demand. He had not heard me or he was absorbed in what he was doing. The thing is that this silence was a trigger.
I started to enter a strong psychological process:
I have to ask. He does not listen to me.
I am powerless.
I depend on the other.
The other has me in his power.
I feel in danger… vulnerable… I could die!
Obviously, nothing to do with the real situation.
A traumatic emotional pattern was triggered.
I didn’t know when and in what context this had happened to me in the past and it didn’t matter because all that remained of that event was the emotional imprint of pain, fear and danger.
I broke down, sobbing in front of the other, totally stunned!
I verbalized it, taking in the emotions, the senselessness, the feeling of being a “Drama Queen”.
After a few minutes I calmed down.
And I became still, silent.
It took me a couple of days to integrate it.
The tachyons were obviously part of the trip.
I used the large green donut, the small red donut on the foot alternating with the medium sapphire blue donut.
I tried the alchemist’s arrow but quickly felt like twinges in the ankle area, quite painful. Too much activation. It was not yet the time for this. First soothe and decongest.
The skin on the foot is so tight it feels like it’s going to explode. My toes turn blue and purple. I love the cold packs.