Our Team

Terra Tachyon looks like an atom !

Ceci est le titre

There is a nucleus and 3 particles revolving around it.

The 3 particles are us:

Robert Munck,

Sylvie Duran

Emma Munck.


Robert is the manager of Terra Tachyon, the one who knows a lot about physics and consciousness. He manages the distributor network and also the technical aspect of manufacturing. He gives individual consultations.
His qualities: a full head and a calmness that nothing disturbs.


Sylvie is in charge of the Terra Tachyon community, of making Tachyons known in the world, of monitoring the evolution of practices and applications with Tachyons.

Her qualities: her broad vision, her ability to talk a lot, and to connect easily with people.


Emma manages the whole tachyonization process. She is in charge of all logistical aspects and takes care of the relationship with customers and suppliers. She is surrounded by tachyons 24/7!

Her qualities: organization and method, autonomy, a phenomenal memory, and a lot of patience.

As you can see in the picture, the orbits of the particles are intertwined; we work and act in close collaboration.
The atom is in connection with other atoms and particles: our distributors, customers, users, and tachyonauts.
All connected and intertwined in real-time in a wide field of consciousness.