When the foundations of our personal world start shaking, fear gets a grip on us.
As we loose our usual landmarks, we tend to jump to survival mode while the brain looks for protective strategies. Sometimes, as our reality crumbles, we can see the false truths on which we built our lives. Those root beliefs about our health, our couple, the structure of our world etc … are false.

We don’t want to see the evidence and we hold on to a version of reality we think is safe for us.
At the same time, other people hold another version of reality that makes them feel safe.
And now we have opponents! We fall into polarization :” I’m right, they are wrong”.

Polarization is exacerbated these times. We can see it all over the news. We can experience it with our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours. Then, we become rigid, we atrophy our expression, we shrink our reality and we are unhappy. And the cycle goes on and on : more fear that leads to more separation.

The state of the world asks us to see each other beyond our differences.
Fear is an important factor of polarization and therefore, of separation.
But the first separation is within us. It is a very old internal and familiar pattern. We have been expelled from the garden of Eden, separated from the Creator, as religion tells us; we have been separated from our mother’s womb when we were born. Most of our life, what we really seek is to re-experience Oneness.

The only real Unity is the true divine essence that We Are, despite appearances.

Taking only one side, being partial, creates conflicts, damages our relationships and does not honor who we are. We are divided. Taking side is a resistance to contemplating how much we have in common with the other. We don’t want to see it because we just perceive the other as the one who disagrees with us and who may even fight fiercely against our point of view!
But are we able to see the part of us that fights fiercely against change?
We don’t know how much we are connected.
How can we gather these pieces within ourselves and allow the creation of bridges of understanding with others?

It is a continuous job. As you explore the parts of yourself that keep you separate, you will discover deeper levels.
Do not be discouraged! Returning to the state of Oneness is your masterpiece.

The Tachyones are going to help you because they are not polarized. They are not in duality as they emanate from the energy to Zero Point, infinite and omnipresent.

* Use Heart protocols with the 13 Tachyon Heart-guides. It is the perfect tool at this time. Familiarize yourself with this practice. Create a routine where each day, you can take time to open your heart and handle your personal events wisely from there.

* Choose a topaz colored Tachyon and make it your best friend. Take it with you everywhere and request it when you face a situation of separation, conflict (internal or external), distancing, mutual misunderstanding. This color favors union and expansion.

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you need support.

With you on the boat of transformation,

The Terra Tachyon Team