Protocols for using Terra Tachyon objects.

We offer a few protocols that are easy to apply in your daily life.

Shapes and colors are important, as they direct the object’s tachyon energy towards a specific goal. However, if you don’t have the suggested color to hand, you can experiment with another color and observe how you react to tachyon stimulation.

Don’t forget that expressing a clear intention promotes the result we’re looking for.

We also invite you to create your own protocols for use, as your relationship with the tachyon object is unique and particular to the situation you find yourself in.

Keep us informed. We’ll share your experience with the Terra Tachyon Community and enrich the virtual library of Tachyonautes.

Protocol to increase physical endurance.

The different Donuts strengthen the physical body and stimulate the overall energy balance.

To renew your physical energy, choose a small Red Donut before sport or before an activity that will make heavy demands on your physical body. You can wear it as a pendant or carry it in your pocket.

You can tape it to your body where it won’t get in the way (arm, leg…) with the spirals facing your body.
Keep it on all day. If you feel it’s getting too active, remove it or adjust the intensity using the scale from 1 to 10.

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Protocol for calming stress.

For several days, wear a medium sapphire-blue Donut as a pendant or in your trouser or jacket pocket, or consciously hold it in your hand before falling asleep for about 20 minutes.

The Donut will calm you and help you find your way back to yourself and your inner peace.

The medium Donut can be used safely by children, as its energy is gentler than that of the small Donut.ut

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Protocol to focus the mind and concentrate.

Hang an Alchemist’s Arrow in the window of the room or in a corner above the armchair or sofa. Just as the alchemist needs calmness, clarity and security when working, the Alchemist’s Arrow will fill the space with tranquility and give you a sense of security.
and provide you with a sense of security.

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Protocol of use with tachyonized silk.

After a stressful day, especially if you have been in contact with the public (store, fair) or if you are in a new environment (travel), the Terra Tachyon silk shawl allows you to recharge your batteries, calm your nervous system and feel at ease with yourself.
Wrap yourself in the shawl and stay still for a few moments. Place the shawl over your legs when traveling or on your bed before going to sleep.

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Protocol for getting through periods of change and loss.

Choose a large lilac tree of life.
Wear it as a pendant, in your pocket or in a moment of relaxation, holding it in your hand for as long as necessary.

It will help you through periods of transition, connecting you to Life and renewing your energy.
If you’re going through a painful period in your life, we recommend you seek professional help.

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