The right moment


Every good gardener knows this: Nature is generous and the harvest superb, if you take into account its rhythms.
Each seed has its own unique development program to become a beautiful fruit or flower. But it is essential to plant the seed when the time is right.
If you do it too early, in the anxiety of missing something or in the haste of wanting to have quick results, nothing happens. Your seed will make a weak shoot, too weak to reach maturity.
If you plant your seeds too late, you will miss the ideal timing, and the season will be over before the plant has a chance to develop and bear fruit. This requires feeling and recognizing the signs for an harmonious development.

It is similar for us humans. Intuitively, we know that the child goes through successive stages of nervous and psychological maturation, which allows it to develop at its own pace. It would never occur to anyone to expect a child to be able to walk at 3 months or talk at 6 months.

There is a natural plan of evolution that Nature has designed with great intelligence.
And there is a cosmic design of evolution for all living things.

Just as the gardener takes advantage of the right moment to plant the seed, we are offered a unique and never seen before window of opportunity to take a leap in our personal and collective evolution. Now!

This is THE time!

The surge of consciousness is so powerful that resisting can only be painful. Nothing that is not You is destined to stay in place: beliefs, grudges, unintegrated memories, conflicting relationships, social roles.
We will never go back to the way things were. Who would want to, except for the fearful little me. We have unsuspected resources of courage and creativity and we are able to dream the world of peace and justice that we want. Your life is being turned upside down for the better, to get rid of your useless identities and to expose your Essence filled with Love for Life, the true matrix. That requires an intense work: adaptation, change of beliefs and acceptance of the unknown. For you and for the evolution of Gaia.

The seed has been sown. Trust the power of Nature to make it grow and bloom.

Use the Lilac Tree of Life to support this new beginning.

There is also a whole series of practices that we have already outlined in our Decalogue for the present time. It will accompany and anchor you on a daily basis.