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Life is made of cycles, like seasons in nature.

The end of a cycle comes with the disintegration of a specific energy structure and established reality; It is followed by a moment of void before another cycle can manifest with its new structures, forms etc.

Unlike Nature, whose cycles are predictable, we do not know what the next stage of our personal life will bring. We must live for a time in an unknown space, a land without reference points, a place where we may feel lost and helpless. This passage is essential if we want to reach our deeper identity and expand our consciousness; we want to make sure we take full advantage of the teachings that it brings us. 

Just as the caterpillar must cease to exist in order for the butterfly to be born, so must the old identities by which we have defined ourselves. Then can rise broader levels of identities and a reality where we can express more of our essence. 

We all go through transitions due to life events: loss of a loved one, dismissal, move, serious illness or significant changes in our daily life… Some are more difficult to bear and can throw us into a period of deep inner transformation, a dark night of the soul. Others destabilize us for a time, forcing us to review our path and our values.

We are often left with strong emotions, uncomfortable physical sensations, low levels of energy or lack of motivation and desire. 

To help with this process, we propose a protocol with the Tachyons.

You can use it in sequence or choose a specific step that attracts you, repeating it as many times as necessary. As always, it is important to listen to your internal messages.

Do not hesitate to complement it with the 10 points of our Decalogue for the present times, specially designed to navigate the tribulations during this time of great transformation. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a qualified person if necessary.

In the end, always remember that Life brings you only what you are able to manage, for your greatest good. 

With Love, 

Terra Tachyon Team