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Our Story

A gift from the spiritual world

Martina Bochnik and Tommy Thomsen are the originators of the tachyonized products now available on the planet under the name Terra Tachyon. They have collaborated for many years with two spiritual entities, Xantiluti and Danahanh. Through Martina, these spiritual entities transmitted a volume of specific information to which humans do not normally have access.
It was in 1993 that Martina and Tommy unintentionally discovered the fascinating subject of Tachyon energy. During a channeling session
Tommy asked Xantiluti for more information about the Tachyons.
Xanti introduced them to the spiritual entity Danahanh.
He is a teacher and researcher of the general and concordant forces and principles in the various universes. Preferring to work without his physical body, he transmitted a complete manuscript on the capacities, characteristics, and particularities of tachyon energy. And so began a great adventure.

A life mission

Finally, in early 1996, the first Tachyon products were presented to the public.
These products are the result of the Tequence process, a machine whose construction plans were transmitted in their entirety by Danahanh.
What began as a curiosity became a life mission.
In 2008, Robert Munck took over, continuing the mission of creating and disseminating tachyon energy in the service of human evolution.

Today, we’re a core team of 3, supported by a network of distributors worldwide.
Our company is based in the province of Malaga, Spain.

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