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What are Tachyons?

Tachyon energy is one of many forms of energy, invisible to most of us and similar to all those that surround us and pass through us all the time, without our even being aware of it.

What Physics says

The existence of tachyon energy was first demonstrated and mathematically defined in 1964 by American physicist Gerald Feinberg.
He chose the term “tachyon” (from the Greek tachus, fast) to highlight its characteristics: tachyons are unpolarized, massless subatomic particles that move faster than light. They are known as supraluminal particles. (Cf. the work of Regis Dutheil).
They possess their own energy and are defined as a form of free cosmic energy that surrounds the planet and penetrates solid matter. They are not limited by time or space.

Their first notable effect is to balance and “restore order” where necessary, as they create a field of organized energy that positively affects the chosen area.

At Consciousness level

The esoteric properties of tachyons are indicative of the importance of this form of energy. Like all matter, tachyons are conscious and react strongly to their environment and to the needs of those around them.
They are a manifestation of the One Consciousness and a vehicle for transformation.

We use pure intention or zero-point intention to direct and accompany the flow of tachyons.

From particle to a physical object

Through a unique process called tequence, we are able to generate a field of tachyons around an object made of a noble material (glass, gold crystal, silver, silk…). Visit the store

Thanks to this concentrated field, we can direct the energy of the tachyons according to our intentions, to achieve a balancing, energizing effect.

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